Business English courses

Business English courses are designed to enhance language skills specifically for professional and workplace contexts. These courses focus on improving communication abilities, vocabulary, and writing skills tailored to the business environment

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Our business english courses

Our Business English courses will help employees develop the crucial language skills necessary for success in the English-speaking business realm. This achieved by improving proficiency in workplace communication, mastering effective meeting participation, and offering the skills needed to actively pursue their goals.

Regardless of the size of your business, we can assist you by customizing lessons to align with your learning needs. Our courses are tailored to suit various sectors, encompassing areas such as engineering, sales, project management, marketing, human resources, and even extending to support for university students.


Bristol and South Gloucestershire

If you are looking for face-to-face courses in Bristol or surrounding areas, please get in touch. We can offer corporate English courses at your preferred location.
We offer morning and evening slots.

Online Business English courses

Online courses offer unparalleled convenience, revolutionizing the traditional learning landscape. The flexibility they provide allows learners to craft their own schedules, enabling a harmonious balance between education and other commitments.


Business English classes are essential for anybody in all professions wanting to improve cultural awareness as this can prevent misunderstandings and facilitate smoother collaboration. Our courses can be adapted to all industries. Please, read the examples below and get in touch if you’d like to find out more. 


Pablo is an aeronautical engineer working in a multinational company. He needs clear effective communication as this is crucial for clearly communicating complex technical information and concepts, presenting ideas and proposals, and collaborating on projects. To get his ideas across, he needs negotiation tactics, formalities and network strategies. A development of writing skills can also help in terms of structuring reports, using accurate grammar and precise vocabulary.
Aeronautical Engineer

Sales and marketing

Mohammed works in sales, dealing with customers from all over the world. Persuasive communication is essential as well as developing closer relationships with clients. Navigating negotiations is an everyday part of the day so knowing when to be assertive or more diplomatic in different cultural settings is necessary. He also needs to pitch products and services in an impactful manner to potential clients or stakeholders, while networking to establish connections and explore partnerships across borders at international conferences, trade shows and industry events are all important. Following up meetings with professional, concise and grammatically correct written contact is central to his success.
Sales Manager

Project Management

Elin is a project manager in a multi-national construction company, interacting with diverse teams or stakeholders in sometimes stressful circumstances to make sure that everybody receives clear instructions, plans, updates on progress and changes, and needs to address concerns with strong problem-solving and an understanding of risk management. Leadership skills of being able to delegate tasks, provide feedback and motivate team members are all vital for successful project execution. Furthermore, contract management and negotiation techniques are essential as she is representing her team against vendors, partners or clients who may not have the same on the ground vision of what is happening with projects. Writing is a central part of her role, involving clear, concise reports, proposals and information documents.
Project Manager